Tips And tricks For SBI'ers

Build a Better SBI Website

Your guide to building a better SBI website. Both those that use Block Builder, and those that upload their own HTML. There are also plenty of useful tips for those that do NOT own a Site Build It! website. So please take some time to look around, who knows what you may find?

This area is mainly for SBIers like yourself. But there is also plenty of general HTML, CSS, Javascript, and so forth, that will apply to any website. So, what will you find here? Well, everything that I have, know, or can find, that will make building your web site easier.

I will add more content, and more pages every so often....time permitting. Links to free software, a few great (and very cheap) services or products, but mainly INFORMATION. Free information.

There will be some things that I can't talk about on the SBI forums, because of forum guidelines. Also, I will never mention these pages in any of my posts. So if you manage to find this page, then remember it, I know it will be useful for you in the future. Okay, here's an idea of what you can expect to find on these pages.

  • Javascripts. Ones that add function to your page.
  • A few stylesheets, and helpful snippets for your pages.
  • A website template and ebook package, to make ULYOH easier than you imagined
  • A special discount for SBI members for e-book covers
  • Links to things that make your life much easier
  • Some help with your image questions
  • A few cool scripts written by myself, that you won't get elsewhere

If there is anything at all you think would help other SBIers, then please Contact me and let me know. If it's not something I know about personally, I will research it, and place it on this section of the site.

This site is in the process of being updated. A new look, more content, and a lot easier to find what you want. Also, the template owners section of the site is in the process of being opened to anyone who wants to visit. This contains a LOT of information that wasn't previously available to the general public....I hope you find it useful.

Free CSS video tutorial course

This has proved to be very popular, since it was released in Feb, 2011. A series of 11 videos plus project files. We start with NO assumed knowledge of css, and work towards creating a single column sales page, complete with styling, "Buy Now" button, callout boxes, and background images.

If you have ever wanted to improve your abilities with css, then these videos make it very easy. No catches, no signups, nothing to buy, you don't even need to register....just download the videos. Have fun, and I hope that you find this resource to be helpful.

Everything you need to know, to create a kicka$$ Block Builder design!

If you ever thought that BB designs are old fashioned, ugly and boring, then think again. This article (all 7 pages of it) will walk you through creating a great looking 3 column Block Builder design.

Everything you need to know, plus a heap more that you don't. It's a great read! I give away all my techniques that I use when creating designs (well, maybe not all of them).
Check out the 3 column Block Builder design article